Maternal Marker Testing Services

Supported by a dynamic research division, Eurofins NTD, LLC. has achieved numerous milestones in prenatal screening and immunoassay testing. These include the introduction of the First Trimester Screen | Fß test for first trimester screening, Instant Risk Assessment, and Fetal Nasal Bone Assessment.

These safe, non-invasive procedures have been widely accepted by leading healthcare practitioners and opinion leaders worldwide. The First Trimester Screen | Fß protocol is now considered the standard of care in first trimester Down syndrome screening, having been validated by 23 population-based clinical studies, including 2 NIH sponsored trials (BUN and FaSTER), involving more than 260,700 pregnant women.

DISCLAIMER: Pursuant to applicable federal and/or state laboratory requirements, Eurofins NTD, LLC. has established and verified the accuracy and precision of its testing services.