Patent Information:

PerkinElmer Labs/NTD’s original work and research in the area of prenatal screening led to the issuance of six (6) U.S. patents regarding the free beta hCG biomarker in the 1990s. PerkinElmer Labs/NTD has been the only laboratory able to generate Down syndrome risk assessments in pregnancy utilizing the free beta hCG biomarker since that time. Our unparalleled experience in using this unique biomarker in a risk computation for Down syndrome will continue to be coupled with patent protection until July 2016.

Free-beta hCG patent rights owned exclusively by PerkinElmer Labs/NTD:

U.S. 5,920,871

Details on these patents can be found at the U.S. Patent Office website, by typing the aforementioned patent numbers into the search box.

DISCLAIMER: Pursuant to applicable federal and/or state laboratory requirements, PerkinElmer Labs/NTD has established and verified the accuracy and precision of its testing services.